Offshore equipment can be noisy in operation. Noise can reduce the quality of the working environment and may even put employee health at risk. Hazard areas may be so loud that personnel have limited access time. All these restrictions, including especially the health risk, can be mitigated using ENERGY SonicBarrier®, a simple and flexible noise-mitigation system that works for both temporary and permanent solutions.

ENERGY SonicBarrier® - Temporary
ENERGY SonicBarrier® - Permanent
  • Effective sound insulation greatly improves the work environment
  • Lower noise level increases the maximum allowed exposure time exposure
  • Lower noise contributes to improved safety, efficiency and job satisfaction
  • Lower noise levels enable employees to concentrate and communicate more effectively
  • All solutions are tested and documented

Acoustic Research Laboratory
  • Solutions tested according to new acoustic verification standards
  • Vital tool in product development and results verification
  • Measurements and verification entrusted to external specialists
  • Customers and partners are invited to check out the facilities for project-specific testing

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