ENERGY Shelter™ is a tailor made tent in fire resistant material for use on scaffolding frames, compatible with mostly scaffolding systems. ENERGY Shelter™ can be used in need of a limited area protected from weather and wind, or to protect the environment for work taking place inside ENERGY Shelter™, like sand blasting. Suitable for both oil, gas and construction.   
Advantages of using ENERGY Shelter™:
  • Time saving – easy to assemble/disassemble
  • Fire resistent
  • Dry conditions for working:
    • Suitable for storage of measurable instruments, tools and parts
    • Work bench close to work place
    • Can be delivered with window
    • Noise reducing effect
  • A clean working environment
  • Can be recycled and it’s no waste
  • Available in different sizes
  • Short delivery time
For more information about the product, contact: 
Tor Arne Sunde
Tel: +47 976 42 956
E-post: tor-arne.sunde@kaefer.no