ENERGY Habitat™ is used in environments where hot work normally is not permitted. ENERGY Habitat™ prevents ignition sources - such as sparks - from coming into contact with flammable or explosive gases.This is achieved in two ways. Gas is prevented from entering the habitat due to overpressure; and sparks are prevented from leaving the habitat by the habitat walls, which are made of strong, flame-retardant sheeting. ENERGY Habitat™ meets the Norsok standard for Ex/Atex equipment, and is certified for use in both Zone 1 and Zone 2.

Advantages of using ENERGY Habitat™
ENERGY Habitat™ offers advantages in the form of safe work, reduced costs and flexibility for the customer. Where it would previously have been necessary to shut down production to perform hot work, it is now possible, using ENERGY Habitat™, to reduce the down-time on the plant. When developing this system, one goal was that ENERGY Habitat™ would be easy to install and disassemble, at the same time as a flexible solution was provided for bulkhead penetrations (piping, supports, etc).

Alternative use
ENERGY Habitat™ can also be used for other purposes, not simply to provide a safe habitat for hot work. Alternativ use is shelter and climate control for surface protection work.

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