ENERGY Flangebelt™ with sniffer tube

ENERGY Flangebelt™ is a simple device to collect and direct gas from a potential leakage between flanges to a detection unit (sniffer). Leakage between the flanges is instantly detected through the sniffing tube. The flange belt will in addition protect the volume between the flanges from ingress of water.

  • Check that the flange surfaces are clean and undamaged
  • Install the belt centred over the flanges and make sure sniffer tube is correctly positioned
  • Install steel banding on both sides of the flange belt, approximately 2 mm from each side

For use on flange connections to detect possible leakages. Protects the volume between the flanges from harsh weather and environmental conditions. Installed with high temperature resistant PTFE gasket. The sniffer tube can penetrate an ENERGY Drainplug® in thermal/fire boxes.

For more information about the product, contact:
Birger Susort
Tel: +47 911 32 067
E-mail: birger.susort@kaefer.no