The oil and gas industry places extreme demands on passive fire-protection on its installations. Passive fire protection is therefore a vital component of the safety system, and the standards and documentation required for compliance are equally extensive. ENERGY Fireshield® is a passive fire protection which is jetfire tested in accordance to NORSOK R-004, and explosion tested up o 1,0 barg (simulated). The system is incorporating an air gap between the profile and the insulation, thus eliminating CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation). Removable panels for easy access of visual inspection, without impact the fire integrity of the system.
  • All materials approved for offshore use
  • Carefully measured, engineered and pre-fabricated for assembly on site
  • Design can be modified to comply with combination classes
  • Totally sealed insulation materials to prevent water ingress
  • No two component materials on site; no hazardous waste
  • Low maintenance and life-cycle cost

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