The oil and gas industry places extreme demands on passive fire-protection on its installations. Passive fire protection on the installations is therefore a vital component of the safety system, and the standards and documentation required for compliance are equally extensive. ENERGY Firecover® is a new and innovative firebox for the protection of valves and flanges, which complies with all fire and explosion standards identified in NORSOK R-004. It is a cost-effective and time-efficient solution which also predicts good lifecycle costs since the external protection is made of maintenance-free stainless steel. The light-weight design represents a significant weight saving by comparison with other comparable systems.

ENERGY Firecover® has been developed and tested to protect systems under a range of fire scenarios. They include jet fire, HC fire or a combination of the two. Applicable EX standards will also always need to be met. ENERGY Firecover® has documented robust qualities in all these fields. Other tests of thermal and acoustic properties have been performed in order to document these properties for combination classes. Corrosive solutions and electrical static discharges have also been tested.

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