The oil and gas industry places extreme demands on passive fire-protection on its installations. Passive fire protection on the installations is therefore a vital component of the safety system, and the standards and documentation required for compliance are equally extensive.

ENERGY Fireboard® is a precast and cured board, type epoxy based passive fire protection. The board is flexible and easy to fit onto curved surfaces. Epoxy is an intumescent fire insulation product which expands up to five times its own thickness during high temperature exposure. The board is supplied fully sealed with a polyester reinforced aluminum foil. Edges and cuts can be sealed with aluminum tape.

ENERGY Fireboard® is applied as fire insulation in ENERGY Firecover® and ENERGY Fireshield®, wherever there are fire insulation requirements for vessels, pipes and technical equipment. Intumescent epoxy products are frequently applied as passive fire protection (PFP) in the oil and gas industry. The product can be used at service temperatures from -30° to + 80°C.

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