ENERGY Boltcover® is a slim firebox especially designed to protect flanges and valves where no fire protection is specified on the pipes. ENERGY Boltcover® is tested and approved up to most hazardous fire requirements, including 350 kW/m² heat loads.

Advantages of ENERGY Boltcover®
  • Designed and tested for fire protection for flanges and valves where no fire protection are specified for the pipes
  • Jet fire and HC/pool fire tested according to relevant requirements
  • Slim construction and low weight
  • Space saving/Compact design
  • Provides improved corrosion protection compared to alternative solutions for bolt protection
  • Tested without pipe insulation. Can be applied directly on the pipe with a gasket to protect the pipe surface
  • Slim design, total thickness 20 mm (13 mm insulation + 7 mm airgap for improved CUI-performance)
  • All testing performed with ENERGY Drainplug® installed
  • Patent pending

For more information, download:
- Brochure
- Type Approval Certificate for HC fire
- Type Approval Certificate for Jet fire

For more information about the product, contact:
Birger Susort
Tel: +47 911 32 067
E-mail: birger.susort@kaefer.no